Getting your artwork published onto greeting cards & stationery worldwide

"This one was licensed to a US publisher earlier on in the year,
but very happy to now find out that it's going to be on greetings
cards, stationery, gift boxes and gift wrap worldwide, yippeee!"

See more beautiful illustrations on Justine's page:
This beautiful illustration caught my eye in the newsfeed today, and when I read the accompanying text I became intrigued as to how exactly one goes about getting their artwork published onto stationery and gift wrap. So I contacted Justine Kimmer Illustrations and cheekily asked if she would share her secret, and she said yes! Here is Justine's advice to anyone wanting to explore this route for themselves...

"I did learn quite a lot about seeking work and commissions whilst at University, as it was always my intention to work as a freelance Illustrator. I don't know a great deal about the publishing process though, which is why I use an image licensing agent. He sells work on my behalf to Publishers, in the UK and overseas, and it works well as I don't need to spend the time and money on the sales side of things.

Illustrators choose to either approach Publishers direct, or work with an agent who will represent them. Some may do a bit of both where the agent may focus on a particular area for them perhaps. It's quite good to work with an agent early on in your career, until you are well established. They have already built up relationships with clients and also have contacts in place.

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It is a very competitive industry, and often very hard for a freelance Illustrator to get their foot in the door. I took myself off to the International Spring Fair at the NEC in Birmingham, and showed samples of my work to various greetings card publishers and image licensing agents. I eventually signed to one who I felt comfortable working with and they saw the potential in my work. I'm now working hard, building up the portfolio and hope to have a long and successful career with them."

And we hope that you do too Justine, and thank you for sharing these tips with us.

If you would like to follow Justine's success (and maybe pick up a few more tips along the way) then pop over to her facebook page and say 'hi' and you'll find more information, including stockists & forthcoming events, on her website:

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